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into force from 26thMay 2012. It indicates that “Implied consent is a valid form of consent" and therefore I would like users to understand that using this site might result in cookies being used.

May 23rd 1995 was not a good day for me.  In the morning my job as a Personnel and Training Manager with a major national company was made redundant; in the evening we had a major motorcycle accident which ended my career.

It was the best thing that could have happened to me.

It was very hard at times, I was on crutches for 18 months; the company my husband was working for went into administration...at one point we had no money coming in at all for a couple of months!  But If May 23rd had not happened in the way it did, I would not be writing this now; I had been chasing my tail for some time, child minders, school runs-and a job that took up more hours than it should and was difficult to get away from on time! Sound familiar?

I began reading again, drawing and painting. I built pennymoon.co.uk to sell my Green Man painted pottery and Tarot Readings, and I worked on my spiritual development.  I had a very haunted childhood, which at times scared me witless, but which opened me to the world of spirit at a very early age.  However, like many people, I never spoke of it for fear of ridicule.  It was the coming of the internet and the dawning realisation that if I was nuts, so was half the planet, that gave me the courage to cautiously creep out of the broom cupboard!

By 2003, I felt that I had painted enough Green Men for the time being, and trained as a Spiritual Healer, but spirit and the angels knew this was not my path. In October 2004 a vague twinge in my left shoulder was diagnosed as Category 3 aggressive Breast Cancer; I would need chemotherapy, a mastectomy and reconstruction and of course, there were no guarantees on anything.  It was tough but with the support of my wonderful husband and children, my mum and the rest of my family, I came through, and so did my hair!  It’s all grown back now...

I could not work as a healer whilst ill, but I could write. I was very lucky in finding my first job as a columnist, with Vision magazine. The angels worked overtime on my behalf; engineering meetings with people who would be able to help me; Jacky Newcomb, Jenny Smedley, Diana Jarvis at Vision, Norie Miles and Jonathan Fost at Dark Encounters, Richard Blair at Spiritual Connextions. See my media page for more details. I began working with Chat-It’s Fate in 2010; the editor Mary Bryce has been amazing in helping me hone my writing skills.

I have tried to live in a ‘spiritual ‘way with varying degrees of success, throughout my life.  It’s not easy with small children, a busy job, and a busy life, to find time to set aside-and when you do, you’re too tired to focus... until I had a huge lightbulb moment some years ago!  

Out of that moment came ‘Throw Away Your Loincloth’; a way that works...for spiritual development, feeling focused and connected, attracting the good things in life, being happier...it works. Have a look at the ‘Throw Away Your Loincloth’ page for more details and start your journey right now!

Michelle x