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Michelle Jones has been featured in, and has written for, many magazines.  She has also contributed to radio and (in a very small way!), television. Michelle was nominated for the ‘Best Newcomer’ award at the Spiritual Connextions’  awards in 2007, and was featured in the January 2008 issue of ‘Chat, It’s Fate’ as an up and coming medium and writer to watch out for!She is a knowledgeable and confident speaker, writer and teacher on a wide variety of MBS subjects including Angels, Psychic and Spiritual Development, Tarot, Past Lives, The Green Man, Crystals and Crystal Healing and the Paranormal.

Throw Away Your Loincloth! By Michelle Jones will be published by O Books in 2013

If you want to feel good, attract all the best things in life and experience a real sense of connection to god, the universe, nature and your guardian angels…but you don’t have the time, energy or attention span for all that tedious sitting around in a loincloth, then you need to read this! Michelle’s busy life left her no time for herself-but she still wanted it all anyway…and the universe stepped in and showed her how.  Now she is sharing that message with the world-and you can have it all too!

Magazines and Newspapers
Columnist for Chat-It’s Fate and previously for Vision. Articles and features in Chat-It’s Fate, Chat. Take a Break, Fate and Fortune, Prediction, Silent Voices, Soul and Spirit and others. Various features in local Portsmouth based daily ‘The News’, also provided celeb astrologicalInformation to both Daily Mail and The Sun

Michelle hosted her own Spiritual and Psychic Development show on ‘Spiritual Conextions Radio’ featuring her ‘10 Minute Psychic’ technique (now evolved into ‘Throw Away Your Loincloth!) and was a core member of the ‘Big Debate’ team which discussed the spiritual, psychic and paranormal issues of the day in front of a live audience (and with no notice of the questions!)
She was also a part of the team on paranormal/MBS show ‘Tuning In’ on Portsmouth based local station
The Quay (sadly no longer with us)

Provided historical background to Wymering Manor for ‘I’m Famous and Frightened’, which was hosted by Ian lawman and shown on NUTS TV.  (I said it was small...!)

Dark Encounters

Michelle worked with Portsmouth based paranormal events company Dark Encounters as their resident Psychic Medium for more than 2 years on countless Paranormal Investigations.  

Workshops, Conferences and Training
Michelle’s years of working as a Personnel and Training Manager for a major national company have given her the skills to write and present effective workshops, courses and seminars.  She has an extensive database of subjects and needs very little encouragement to start talking…