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into force from 26thMay 2012. It indicates that “Implied consent is a valid form of consent" and therefore I would like users to understand that using this site might result in cookies being used.

Throw Away Your Loincloth!

If you want to feel good, attract all the best things in life (including money) and experience
a real sense of connection to god, the universe, nature and your guardian angels…
but you don’t have the time, energy or attention span for all that tedious sitting around in a
loincloth, then you need to read this!

If you find that you drop into bed exhausted feeling you haven’t achieved much that day, or
you feel your dreams (and your life) slipping away…then you need to read this.

This is not a closely guarded secret, passed down through generations to a select few who
were chosen at birth to receive the wisdom of the ancients…Throw Away Your Loincloth!
Is firmly grounded in the real world, the world of rushing around between jobs, schools,
child minders and supermarkets.  It fits in with everything from putting on your mascara to
cooking a spag bol and cleaning the loo.  It can be performed whilst wearing your prized
Jimmy Choo heels, a raincoat or a fluffy dressing gown.  Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, Throw Away Your
Loincloth! Invites you to take advantage of all that the universe has to offer you, now, today-what are you waiting for!

I have been in and around the Mind, Body and Spirit arena since 1988; I have worked on countless stalls selling my home made stuff, from jewellery to hand painted ceramics and crystal healing kits.  I have performed thousands of psychic readings, was resident psychic medium on dozens of Paranormal investigations with Dark Encounters for over two years…and I have read hundreds of books on developing your spirituality and psychic senses, attracting and manifesting abundance and getting what you want from life. I have also both attended and run workshops and training courses on a huge variety of subjects, too many to list.

The biggest issue I have with most personal and spiritual development books and programmes is that they don’t take into consideration the demands of real life.  How can a mum with young children commit to spending an hour a day meditating-or a busy professional stop their mind thinking about sales figures, or possible redundancies!

We have had to deal with some fairly tough scenarios in our lives; a major accident in 1995 which ended my career as a Personnel and Training Manager for a major national company, closely followed by a terrifying time with no money at all coming in after the company my husband was working for went into administration…We finally reached a position where we thought everything was settled when I was diagnosed with aggressive Breast Cancer in late 2004; I’m fine now, thanks to a fantastic medical team and my guardian angels, and it was during my extensive treatment that I finally realised that the answer to life, the universe and everything…was to throw away my loincloth! I’m now on a mission to share this with everyone else-My first book ‘Throw Away Your Loincloth!' will be  published by O Books in 2013, until then, read my Blog, follow me on Facebook and Twitter and feel the benefits for yourself!
Michelle x